History of the College Area

The College Area Community Council and Planning Board are within the  boundaries of Interstate 8 on the north, El Cajon Boulevard on the south, the border with the City of La Mesa on the east, and Collwood Boulevard , part of Montezuma Rd. and Fairmont Avenue on the west.  There are a number of distinct neighborhoods within this area, and some of them (such as El Cerrito) straddle two community groups.  Some of the neighborhoods  acquired their identities by geographic barriers, others by developers who built the origional homes.  In any case, please look carefully at the map, or contact us, to determine if you are within the CACC and CACPB community.


An interesting site that contains historical information about our area, as well as some surrounding neighborhoods, is the College Neighborhood Foundation.  You can find their website at  CollegeNeighborhoods.com 

Visit the College Neighborhoods Foundation Website!

A vibrant region of the City of San Diego, the College Neighborhoods, borders the City of La Mesa. This site hopes to introduce you to the wonderful communities within the College Neighborhoods including: Oak Park, Redwood Village, Rolando Park, Rolando, Mesa Colony, El Cerrito, and the College Area. Come visit us and enjoy everything we have to offer; great restaurants, wonderful live theater, fun events, beautiful homes, captivating history, and a friendly atmosphere. We have it all!

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The CACC/CACPB now meets at 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of each month and is immediately followed by the meeting of the CACC/Community Council at Faith Presbyterian Church, 5075 Campanile Dr. San Diego, CA, 92115.