Board Members

Jose Reynoso, President

Alvarado Estates 

Jose has lived in the College Area for 16 years with his wife and two children who have all attended or attend local schools.  He serves on the boards of the Alvarado Community Association and the Hardy Elementary PTA and was previously on the board of a national legal organization and a New York bank. He is an entrepreneur-in-residence at CONNECT, coaching technology startups.  Jose has advanced degrees in corporate finance, and strategic planning & development. He relaxes with landscaping and design projects.

CACPB tenure from March 2018.  Seat election: 2020

Jim Jennings, Vice President


Jim is a Navy veteran who has live in the College Area for the last 16 years. He is married to his partner of 21 years. Jim loves to cook, and enjoy reading old classics. 

CACPB tenure from November 2015. Seat election 2019.

John Putman, Treasurer

​John Putman has been a resident owner in the College Area for 16 years. He grew up in the area attending Horace Mann Jr. High, Crawford High School, and SDSU. John is an Associate Professor in History as well as Director of SDSU’s International Business Program He serves on the East Boulevard Alliance Committee and Campus Community Coalition.  

CACPB tenure from May 2017.  Seat election 2021.

Ann Cottrell, Secretary

College View Estates

​Ann  and her husband Don, both retired SDSU professors, have lived within easy walking distance of SDSU since 1967. Their two sons are CAKs (College Area kids). She is active in the College View Estates Association and is on the CVEA board.  She served on the CACC/PB board from 2007-2016 and was chair of  NEAC as well as serving on the By-laws committee among others. She continues to serve on NEAC. Outside the community she remains active in her professional research community.

CACPB tenure from July 2017.  Seat election: 2021

Saul Amerling

Mesa Colony

Dr. Saul Amerling, a retired school psychologist, has lived in College East for over 18 years. Along with his wife, a retired nurse, they have a combined family of 5 children and 11 grandchildren. Saul had a practice as a Marriage and Family Counselor, and was a Licensed Educational Psychologist. He and Lisa started the Catoctin Area Community Group which subsequently merged with the Mesa Colony Community Group, where he is acting chair. Additionally, Saul aggregates the local news articles for the College Area News.  Interests include wood turning, reading, and with his wife who is a porcelain artist, traveling.  


CACPB tenure from May 2014.  Seat election: 2020.

Ellen Bevier

Baja Canyon, College West

Ellen has lived in the College Area since 1979. A retired newspaper editor, she is happily living in the mid-century home she had renovated in 2014 (these intentions take time.) She works on her yard, leads Canyoneer nature walks as a volunteer for the San Diego Natural History Museum, and is a member of the California Native Plant Society.

CACPB Tenure from February 2018. Seat election 2019

David Cook

College East

​David Cook is a non resident property owner who has owned a house in the area for 5 years.  David is self employed, and has been a member of the CACC for one year. He has been involved in other organizations including the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Special Olympics, Junior Achievement, and the Cathedral Catholic Fundraising Committee. He is interested in enhancing the quality of life in the area by managing growth, improving relationships with SDSU and contributing to community beautification projects.

CACPB tenure March 2017.  Seat election 2020

Rachel Gregg

SDSU Representative

​Rachel Gregg is a San Diego native and proud San Diego State University alumna. In her role as Community Relations Manager, Rachel works as the liaison between the SDSU and the College Area and other surrounding communities. Prior to her work at SDSU, Rachel worked for various elected officials in the CA State Legislature. 

Appointed by SDSU

Tom Silva

El Cerrito Community Representative on the College Area Community Planning Board

Tom Silva is a member of the board and is the El Cerrito representative from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church.  Tom Silva is a family man who moved into the college area in 1986.  He is a retired school administrator with over 30 years serving local government as a city planner, and later as a school facilities planner and assistant superintendent of business.

CACPB tenure from July 2019.  Seat election 2020

Bob Higdon

Mesa Colony

Bob has resided in College East with his wife, Kristy, since 1979. He has a BA from SDSU (geography-- urban planning/design), and attended UCLA's MA program in architecture..  A registered architect, Bob’s career included work on custom homes and commercial projects e.g.  Disney World Living Seas Pavilion.  He retired in 2017 from San Diego Unified School District, where he was an architectural project manager. He is a member the Mesa Colony community group and  a member of the CACC Beautification/Long Range Planning Committee; he envisions helping create a vibrant, landscaped pedestrian community for all residents to enjoy. 

CACPB tenure from: March 2018    Seat Selection: 2021

Jean Hoeger

College View Estates

Jean Hoeger is a native San Diegan and has lived in the College Area with her husband and three children since 1986 and has been active in the College View Estates Association. After earning her teaching credential and B.S. in the Social Sciences from Christian Heritage College and her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of San Diego, she began teaching in the San Diego Unified School District. She has taught in middle schools her entire career, teaching history, math, computers, and P.E. She serves on the Code Violations Committee.


CACPB tenure from March 2011. Seat election: 2020.

Robert Montana


​Robert is a resident property owner who lives on Mary Lane Drive and has lived in the College Area for 25 years.  He is a professor at Southwestern Community College.  He has been a member of the CACC for 25 years.  He is a member of the Project Review Committee and is interested in addressing appropriate development. 


CACPB tenure from November 2017.  Seat election 2021

Troy Murphee

Mesa Colony

Troy Murphree has lived in the College Area since 2002. She and other neighbors formed the Mesa Colony Community Group to address issues east of Reservoir Drive. An SDSU graduate, she worked in environmental compliance/planning and watershed protection for more than 40 years. Troy serves as the Council District 9 representative on the City’s Community Forest Advisory Board and serves on the Project Review committee. 


CACPB tenure from January 2014. Seat election: 2019 .

BJ Nystrom

El Cerrito

B.J. serves on the East Boulevard Alliance, Project Review Committee and Dollar Per Ticket ad hoc Committee. B.J. is a long time resident of the College Area and a veritable historian of the area. 


CACPB tenure from October 2015.  Seat election 2020.

Jerry Pollack

Alvarado Estates

Jerry has lived in the College Area for 49 years and has been on the CACC board since 2011, as secretary from 2014-2017. From 1984 to 2010, he was the President of Patrick Anthony Properties, Inc., a custom boutique real estate brokerage company. He has been active in numerous organizations concerned with Alzheimers and taught courses on Gerontology at SDSU. He currently serves on the CACC Projects and Beautification, Project Review, and Dollar/Ticket Fund Ad Hoc committees.

CACPB tenure from September 2012. Seat election: 2021.

Jim Schneider

BID Representative

Jim Schneider is from Pittsburg where he worked in banking, economic development and was a small business owner. Moving to San Diego in 2005,  he continued his interest economic development  as the Executive Director for the Adams Avenue Business Association, then with San Diego and Imperial Small Business Development Centers. Jim is currently Executive Director for the College Area Business District.  He served the CAPB as the College Area Business District representative from 2015 – 2017 and returned in 2018.

Appointed by College Area BID

Angelica Espinosa

SDSU Associated Student Representative

Angelica “Angie” Espinoza is a graduating senior from San Diego State University who is studying International Security and Conflict Resolution. She was elected by the student body to serve as the Vice President of External Relations where she advocates for the students' voices and works to foster a unified community.

Appointed by SDSU AS

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The CACC/CACPB now meets at 7:00 PM on the second Wednesday of each month and is immediately followed by the meeting of the CACC/Community Council at Faith Presbyterian Church, 5075 Campanile Dr. San Diego, CA, 92115.